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In Office Labs Specialist

Signature Health and Wellness

Family Medicine located in Lavergne, TN

When you’re at Signature Health and Wellness for a sick visit or an annual checkup, there’s no reason to make you go to another location to get diagnostic lab tests. That’s why Dr. Moses Swauncy and his medical team offer in-office labs. You can receive comprehensive health care, including blood draws, urinalysis, and specialized tests like an EKG at one location. To schedule an appointment, use online booking or call the office in LaVergne, Tennessee.

In Office Labs Q & A

What are the benefits of in-office labs?

Lab tests are the key to an accurate diagnosis and determining the best treatment for your health condition. In keeping with their dedication to providing comprehensive health care, the Signature Health and Wellness team offer in-office labs. Your benefits include:

  • Convenience - Lab work is done in one location and while you’re there for a sick visit or routine checkup
  • Quicker results - You can wait for some results, while turnaround for work that’s sent out is often quicker
  • Personalized care - Your labs are performed by the team at Signature Health and Wellness

When the team at Signature Health and Wellness does your lab work, you have professionals who are familiar with your medical history and who care for your individual well-being. They understand any concerns you may have, like anxiety about needles, so they can take a procedure at a pace that’s comfortable for you or make sure you have a topical anesthetic if necessary.

What types of lab services might I receive?

Dr. Swauncy and the team at Signature Health and Wellness perform blood draws, collect urine, and swab fluids.

The following are examples of frequently performed lab services.

  • Complete blood count: Screens for many medical conditions including infections and anemia
  • Urinalysis: Screens for urinary tract infections, kidney function, and diabetes
  • Lipid profile: Blood test to check levels of cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Serum glucose: Tests for diabetes
  • Thyroid screening: Tests for high or low levels of thyroid hormones
  • Metabolic panel: Indicates the health of your liver and kidneys, monitors hypertension, electrolytes, glucose, and blood proteins

This list isn’t comprehensive because there are hundreds of possible lab tests that can be performed after a Signature Health and Wellness team member draws your blood.

What specialized testing might I receive?

In addition to offering in-office labs, the Signature Health and Wellness medical staff also provide other specialized testing on site. When necessary, you may receive an electrocardiogram (EKG), or spirometry, which evaluates lung function.

When will I undergo in-house labs?

Your Signature Health and Wellness practitioner may perform in-house labs when you come in for a sick visit. However, routine labs are typically included in your annual physical, especially for adults.

Routine blood work is done during your annual physical or preventive health visit because it’s important to screen for changes in cholesterol, blood sugar, thyroid hormone, and other hormones.

Small changes in blood values indicate you’re headed toward a chronic disease. With early treatment, you can bring blood levels back to normal and prevent the disease from developing.

If you have questions about in-office labs or need to schedule an appointment, call Signature Health and Wellness or use the online booking feature.

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